Chair of the Committee on TV and Radio: "We need more critical programs, don't be afraid of criticism"
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03:08 / 2024-04-13

Chair of the Committee on TV and Radio: "We need more critical programs, don't be afraid of criticism"

20240131 ROAccording to the "Radio Ozodi" correspondent, the head of Tajikistan's Committee on Television and Radio, Nuriddin Said, wants to see more critical programs on state TV. The official made this statement on January 29th during a press conference at the agency, urging his subordinates not to fear criticism.

"It is necessary to introduce more critical programs into the broadcasting schedules, there is no need to be afraid of criticism. There are hundreds of other things we need to work on, step by step, for the system to function fully," he noted. 

Nuriddin Said did not specify which critical programs are currently on TV, nor what he meant by increasing the number of such programs.

Meanwhile, some experts believe that the channels are more engaged in state propaganda.

Shakhlo Akobirova, the director of the media public organization "Homa," says that the Committee chairman's call to increase the number of critical programs is welcome, as analysis, criticism, and seeking answers to questions are the professional mission of a journalist.

"Unfortunately, for many years, many channels have been financed from the state budget, and usually, we see not analysis, but more propaganda and agitation in most materials. And when there is propaganda, it is not journalism," says Shakhlo Akobirova.

The head of the Committee on Television and Radio emphasized that TV programs reflect various issues in the fields of economy and industry, architecture, construction, and agriculture. The press conference noted that there are various private and state television channels currently operating in the country.

Media expert Shakhlo Akobirova believes that there will be more analytical and critical programs on such channels when there is real competition between them.

In previous years, the content of the country's state television programs has been criticized.

A survey of journalists from Radio Ozodi, conducted among passers-by in Dushanbe on January 29th, showed that residents have different views on this matter.

One respondent said: "I think that foreign channels have more interesting programs. There is a lot of advertising on our TV, so I prefer to watch more foreign channels."

Another respondent believes that "offhand, he cannot recall a single interesting program on Tajik television."

"I often watch Tajikistan's channels, like 'Shabakai Yakum'. 'Shakhnavoz' is also interesting," said one of the passers-by.

"It seems to me that television lacks interesting programs that meet modern requirements," noted another respondent.

There are 15 state and 18 private television channels in Tajikistan. State channels are provided with great opportunities and are accessible in most regions of the country.

Critics claim that state channels, funded by the taxpayers, are only engaged in praising the government and refrain from covering important social issues.

PHOTO: President of the Republic of Tatarstan Emomali Rahmon at the opening of two new television channels. 2016

Source: Radio Ozodi


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